No fee is charged, in most instances, for the initial consultation.  If a fee is to be charged, it will be disclosed prior to the consultation.
Traditionally, attorneys' fees are determined in several ways:

The attorney's fees are "contingent" or depend upon the results achieved; and are payable only if money or something of value is recovered from the opposing party. Fee agreements of this kind are highly regulated, for the protection of clients. Contingent fee agreements are generally used in personal injury cases, such as motor vehicle accidents or animal bites , but are sometimes employed in contract disputes or collection matters. They are forbidden in criminal or family law matters. Boone & Henkoff generally charges a contingent fee of one-third of the gross amount recovered, although other rates may be negotiated if appropriate. "Gross" means the total recovery, without regard to expenses, costs , or liens , which are deducted from the amount payable to clients. Boone & Henkoff does not charge for processing of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits, which are not included in the gross recovery.

Certain government administered programs contemplate contingent fees, but the rates are set by statute. Examples are Social Security benefit disputes and Workers' Compensation. Note that Workers' Compensation fees are almost always paid by the insurer directly to the attorney; not paid by the client.

Hourly rates are generally charged on matters where a contingent fee is inappropriate or where there is unlikely to be sufficient money obtained from the opposing party. Examples are criminal and other defense matters, family law or probate matters, and nonlitigation
matters. Boone & Henkoff charges $300.00 per hour for Mr. Boone, and lesser amounts for paralegals or associates.

A fixed fee is appropriate in certain cases ; for example criminal defense, where it is generally collected "up front". Other matters frequently involving fixed fees are wills, purchase of a home , drafting or review of contracts or leases , or incorporations. Tax preparation is done according to a schedule on a "per form" basis, with the fee determined and collected when preparation is complete.

Certain cases lend themselves to a mixture of contingent, fixed and hourly fees, where attorney and client share the risk of recovery of money from the other party, This type of fee structure is sometimes employed in Consumer Protection and similar matters, where the clients fees mayor may not be recoverable from the opposing party, or where the chances of success are initially unclear.
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